PDK stir NAMA storm


1. PDK: The Moko performance was the only time the crowd shot up onto its feet in numbers. And the boys’ stage-work was exceptional.
2. Rafael: His was original and theatrical too.
3.Famaz Attack:    The crowd did not understand the rock-and-roll language but for someone with a taste for music, the white boys’ organisation was top notch.
4. Inspire: It was another rendition of Boyz II Men and trio did it well.
5. Exit & Young Cash:    Exit is just a pure asset.
6. Castro: Castro and those bites and pieces from Ndilimani put up a talented act with his artificial bald head.
7. Ten Ten & Ras Sheehama: And so was half sober Ras Sheehama
8. Gazza: It was a great performance but Selima has become monotonous. It needed some creativity.
9. Exit:    He really took us to Malawi but where was Maria?
10. Ees & Mandoza: Not really good but kudos to Ees for being an outright entertainer.
11. Tate Buti: It was too obvious.
12. The Dogg: The Dogg, Gazza and Tate Buti must just polish up their acts or their generation will soon evaporate.
13. Mr Makoya:     The song is great but the video at the background stole the attention from the stage.
14. Mushe & Tequila:    Good but not quite. Tequila’s voice might be soon stolen by the developing tummy.
15. Linda: Good voice but bad poor stage presence

NB: Any other performer not on this list was utter hogwash and must never perform at the awards again!

Worst Performers:

Lize Ehlers: That’s the only time many viewers managed to go to the bathroom.
Nahas (Hyundai): When he was introduced alongside Papso (Albertus Aochamub), we all thought it was Nahas Angula. But the Hyundai sales chief stole the night when he ran out of words. Either he couldn’t read the auto-cue or his script should have been in Oshiwambo.
Now the whole world knows Hyundai employees Grade 10s.