Records tumble as MTC reaches 2.5 million active subscribers


The Mobile Telecommunications Company has announced that as of 09 November 2018, it has reached the 2.5 million active subscribers mark on its books.


Achieving this milestone was not easy, said MTC’s chief human capital and corporate affairs officer, Tim Ekandjo, who shared the news with the media fraternity.


“We are happy to announce that we have grown our active customer base with 500,000 since 28th February 2012 when we had only 2 million active subscribers. This new milestone is a testimony of our growth and appreciation for our service, our ability to innovate and keep customers satisfied,” said Ekandjo.


MTC’s clientele growth has been nothing short of remarkable; in July 2006, the company reached the 500 000 milestones.


Three years later in September of 2008, MTC broke the records book when increased to 1 million active subscribers.

It took the company just a mere two years between September 2010 to reach the 1.5 million and February 2012 to triumph the 2 million mark.


Ekandjo emphasised that MTC is not addicted to numbers, “At MTC we are about investing in world-class technologies to ensure that our customers have the best and latest technology experiences like anybody else in a developed country.”


“The introduction of the 081Every1 project where MTC will roll out 524 new sites to ensure 100% population coverage is testimony that we are serious about customer service and ensuring that nobody is excluded from the many benefits that technology offers,” he said.


MTC’s calculation is based on active subscriber’s definition by global industry standards, meaning that an active sim subscriber implies that the sim card should have been active in the last 3 months to be defined as such.


An inactive sim card lesser than three months is not considered be as an active sim card.