Unaudited Nanso books not our fault- Simon



Nanso president Ester Simon has shifted the blame on the organisation’s previous leadership for failing to provide 2015-17 audited financial statements, following a public revelation by higher education minister Itah Kandjii-Murangi.


The minister, responding to questions by Rally for Democracy and Progress Mike Kavekotora said for the 2016/17 financial year, Nanso received N$422 000 and during the 2017/18 got N$337 000.


At present, the organisation got an allocation of N$422 000.


Murangi’s exposition came as an embarrassment for the leadership but in a bid to clear the air, Simon said she is on her way to brief the minister this week on who was responsible for unaudited books at the organisation.


Simon said inadequacies in funding, as well as the costs attached to the audit, meant Nanso could not carry out the audit.


“So it relied on its internal structures to ascertain expenditure, these structures then being the general students’ council and the national students’ congress. The current Nanso team under my leadership, only assumed office early December of 2017. Hence we only handled the organisational finances from March 2018 to present,” she said in a written response.


She indicated that her leadership is committed to good governance and thus has appointed professional independent auditors.


She added that her team has updated records of the current financial position which will be made available to Murangi “at an appropriate time once audited.


“Nanso does quarterly reporting on the funding that we receive from the ministry and this means we get 50% of the allocation and utilise it. As a prerequisite for us to get the remaining 50% we need to report the expenditure on the first one,” she said.