Reconciliation nowhere near in Nudo’s divided house


Nudo’s fighting big-wigs have this week showed no sign of seeking to bury the hatchet and unite the party in time for the presidential campaign season as Ester Muinjangue’s faction maintained that it was the rightful leadership to carry the party into elections.


Muinjangue and team held a press conference at party headquarters this week where its secretary general Josef Kauandenge blamed the Vetaruhe Kandorozu-led rival faction for bringing the current impasse.


Both factions reached a logjam after a heavily disputed congress, which turned violent prompting the police to chip in, failed to bring out a new leadership.


As Nudo sails on dangerous waters amidst united rival political parties bracing up for elections set for next year, Kauandenge told journalists that “there seems to be no end in sight for this debacle”.


He slammed Kandorozu and other party top-guns like Asser Mbai and Meundju Jahanika for sabotaging the party as they seem to say “it’s us or no one else”.


“Suffice to say these are the people who had their chance of leading this party for the past five years and instead of being men and women of substance and integrity and allow our new leadership to be in charge of the party as per the congress resolutions, they decided to sabotage the party,” he said.


The dispute of leadership within Nudo has spilled into the court which is set to decide whether the congress was legitimate as well as its postponement by the old guard.


“As we are close to the end of the year, we are mindful of challenges that lie ahead for the party, however, we hope that the court will pronounce itself soonest to bring clarity and finality to this issue,” he said.


It is presently unclear how a court ruling will help both factions heal the divide and unite its electorate in time for upcoming polls.


Swapo is readying itself and calling for unity ahead of its extra-ordinary congress as the United People’s Movement is considering a possible coalition to prop its position.

The official opposition also appears to be solidly readying itself while the new firebrand Landless People’s Movement is morphing itself into a possibly decisive political force.


This seems to leave Nudo from the centre of action.


Political analyst Ndumba Kamwanya submitted that Muinjangue’s press conference shows that lines are now drawn within the party while the possibility of unification is becoming harder by the day.


He said organising the part for elections will take a Herculean effort while a congress would be the best platform to solidify party leadership.


It’s unlikely that a congress will come this year considering the court process which is taking time.


“If you do not have that platform then it is going to be difficult to field candidates for the elections which both parties will support. Time is now against them. They now have a small window of opportunity.”


“Actually I see that the court ruling is going to add to the tension. Whatever outcome from the court is not going to be accepted by both. Court processes do not reconcile, it’s not like mediation, they rule for or against the other,” he said.


Kandorozu was not available for a comment as his phone was unreachable.