I’m being sacrificed for doing the right things- Mbidi


 Under fire Namibia Football Association’s president, Frans Mbidi has come out to say that he became the enemy of football to some in the leadership for attempting to initiate proper governance.


He said they were attempts to isolate and humiliate him for commissioning a fact-finding mission into the financial and administrative affairs of NFA as well as implementing recommendations.


All this has been disclosed in a circulating document penned by Mbidi and dated November the 7th.


Mbidi said it was however worth noting that John Muinjo, former president of NFA, was actively involved in the plot to unseat a democratically elected president for reasons only known to himself.


“I think it is important for the football family and the entire Namibian public to be informed about the real cause of the problems we are facing today.”


“Mr. Muinjo was also part of the unconstitutional executive committee meeting that took the decision to dismiss me. I can not conceptualise how a man of Mr. Muinjo’s calibre could stand and witness such move,” he said.


He said the NFA executive members were hell-bent to have him kicked out in order to reinstall Barry Rukoro and continue to disregard transparency and good governance.


Rukoro could not immediately comment on this allegation as he requested emailed questions.


There is also non-adherence, violations and disregard for NFA’s rules and regulations in order to satisfy personal interests, Mbidi alleged.


HE said such violations had occurred in the Okahandja Military School FC/Okahandja FC saga, questionable registration of foreign nationals and diversion of funding to unbudgeted expenditure.


This week the Affirmative Repositioning also wadded into the mess demanding a full report on the sale and purchase of Military School Football Club by Okahandja Football Club as well as the forged passport and subsequent registration of a Zimbabwean player, Tapiwa Simon Musewa.


The movement said it was also going ahead with logging investigations with the Namibia Financial Intelligence Agency, the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Namibia Sports Commission.


In spite of the storm closing in on him, Mbidi said he would continue with his normal duties as NFA president.