Man eats man over woman


Petrus Wontombi, 39, had his upper lip almost bitten off by his once good friend, Jonas Kayala, during a fight over a woman.
 Kayala, who accused Wontombi of banging his girlfriend, Peya Iita, confronted his friend on Saturday last week at a bar in Havana informal settlement.
Wontombi said he had been informed earlier on that day that Kayala was looking for him, so he decided to meet him at the bar.
“When I got there, he just got up and started insulting me, calling me names and everything,” said Wontombi.
He further said they argued for a while despite Iita’s efforts to stop them.  
“She was on his side. She tried to get involved but Kayala was too angry to listen to her,” said Wontombi.
A physical fight soon broke out. In the ensuing fight, Wontombi said he managed to wrestle Kayala to the ground,  “I beat that man; punched him in the face severally.”
Seeing that he was on the brink of losing the fight, claimed Wontombi, Kayala grabbed him by the neck and bit him on the lip.
“He’s been telling people that I’m sleeping with his girlfriend but if he’s really man enough, why did he bite me, instead of wrestling me?” He asked.
When quizzed if he’d really dipped his joy-stick in Kayala’s trough, Wontombi was very coy, “That is not the topic here, my brother.”
Iita confirmed the fight but denied that Wontombi had mined her diamonds, “It’s not true. I would never sleep with that man. I respect myself too much to do that. My boyfriend is just too jealous, because Petrus (Wontombi) and I are very good friends who spend a lot of time together,” she said.
Kayala could not be reached for comment as Iita was in possession of his phone.