Windhoek Country Club hands over N$6m in dividends

The Windhoek Country Club and Resort (WCCR) handed over a N$6m cheque in dividends to the state for the financial year 2017/18 yesterday.


At the handover, WCCR board chairperson, Sven Thieme said that although the country has been faced with a drag in the economy, the tourism sector remained robust during 2017 and therefore the company was able to maintain a high performance and good results were attained.


“Once again the team at WCCR can stand proud and I for one am excited about the achievements. Highlights of the past year include the completion of the hotel refurbishment, the output of our own solar energy plant, saving money and electricity.”


 “It is worth mentioning that the refurbishments were fully paid out of the WCCR’s own cash reserves and that by itself is a great accomplishment. We are grateful and excited to be able to pay dividends to the state thereby, proving once again that the WCCR is a success story,” he said.

The general manager of WCCR, Tony Boucher also said that the current financial year proved to be challenging and core functions areas of the business in the past year were to maintain cost containment and to implement new innovative ways of generating additional income streams.


“The hotel successfully improved occupancy, average rate, turnover, and profitability despite the inclement economic conditions. Casino operations remain a focal point for the foreseeable future as a result of the ever increasing pressure on the consumer’s disposal income levels,” he said.

Accepting the cheque on behalf of the state minister of environment and tourism, Pohamba Shifeta said that he is convinced that the board will continue to focus on return on investment from all operations of the company and focus on promoting sustainable development in the sector.


“WCCR must continue to grow and provide visitors with exceptional experiences. We need to continue to find demand driven, innovative national marketing strategies based on the three markets, domestic, regional and international tourism,” he said.

He added that he is proud that the board members ensured good corporate governance and good business ethics focused on creating profits.