63-year jail term reduced for double murder convict

A 48-year old man who got slapped with 63 years of jail time for the murder of his girlfriend and her mother successfully had his sentence reduced to 37 and a half years in the Windhoek High Court last week.

However, it was a half backed victory for Julius Dausab as the judge dismissed his application for leave to appeal to the supreme court against his conviction.


His lawyer, Mbanga Siyomundji, disclosed to this publication that he would be petitioning to the supreme court against this decision and have his client’s matter started from scratch.


“If I have this matter handled in the Supreme Court, I know I will go back home,” said Dausab who cheerfully shacked hands with the state prosecutor after his judgment was delivered by Judge Alfred Siboleka.

Judge Siboleka convicted Dausab on two counts of murder as well as possession of a firearm and ammunition without a license.

The court found that he gunned down his girlfriend, Paulina Kenamune (27) and her mother, Elfriede Kenamune (44) at their Ovittoto home during a June night of 2009.

Dausab is until this day convinced that he was framed and he admitted that although he was on the scene at the time the two were murdered, it was not him who had fired the rounds.

He pinned the murder on a man whom he could not name.


 He testified that this man fled from the scene in a white car and that he failed to catch up with the alleged suspect when he chased after him in his car.

Yet Judge Siboleka refused to believe this account and ruled that he had fabricated the story and twisted it out to get free of the charges.


Evidence showed that a rifle that was found in his car matched with the spent cartridges found on the murder scene.

The boyfriend of Elfriede also testified that he saw Dausab with a gun minutes after the shooting was heard.

Dausab also told the court that he was in the process of relieving himself when a car pulled over and a man jumped out after which he got into a heated conversation with Elfriede before the shots were fired.


Yet there was no evidence of car tyre tracks that pointed to there having been another vehicle.

Dausab had languished in custody for two years after which he later got freed on a N$55 000 bail which later got reduced to N$40 000.