Drought relief distribution starts at starving Aminius

The office of Prime Minister has started the drought relief program distributions in Aminius constituency in Omaheke region this month.

The distributions were kicked started following reports of malnutrition due to hunger, prime minister, Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said.

Cabinet approved drought relief intervention towards the end of last September which were led by an assessment conducted during June and a report by the Omaheke Regional Council to the OPM, she said.

“The drought relief assistance will run only until January next year. These reports indicate that communities need government support as they depend on livestock farming which was negatively affected by very low rainfall which has exacerbated the livestock grazing and worsened livelihood of the people. It is also reported that there is an outbreak of the poisonous plant which hampers grass from growing. The drought relief intervention of the government entails drought relief for humans in the form of foodstuff currently wheat and maize will be,” she said.

She added that the drought relief program is targeted at households battling with food insecure only.

The OPM requested the regional council to conduct the registration of food insecure households who are to benefit.

Kuugongelwa-Amadhila also said that the registration criteria excludes households which are not fully reliant on farming and have other means to secure food.

“The reasons for this is to avoid duplications and ensure that support is targeted to those who are most vulnerable and currently not catered for under any of the existing government welfare programs.”

“There have been reports of child malnutrition in the Aminiuis constituency, therefore in addition to the relief provided the Disaster Risk Management unit in OPM the ministry of health runs the child nutrition assessment, counseling and support program at all health centers including Aminuis clinic and the regional council has been tasked to inform community members to take malnourished children to the nearest health facility for assistance,” she said.