New education bill encouraging teenage prostitution - Opposition …as schools become maternity wards

The Vice-president of United Peoples Movement, Jan van Wyk, has cautioned that schools are fast turning into maternity wards while section 13 of the new education bill is encouraging children to become sexually active.

Teenage pregnancies are becoming a headache for the state and it needs to be addressed in the bill, he said.


“I do understand that we should put measures in place to address this evil situation. In order for us to address the issue for moral values, the only solution is to re-introduce bible studies in schools. From the layman's point of view the new bill encourages children to become involved in sex. In short, the bill encourages teenage prostitution,” he said.

He added that teachers are now faced with the duties of midwives and ambulance drivers, while this could be avoided by children abstaining from sex.

Van Wyk said that children should be informed of their responsibilities, the dangers of teenage pregnancies and the consequences of such unruly behavior.


He criticized that the new education bill does not attend to pertinent issues such as free education.

“The bill needs to define words such as free, quality and compulsory education because not defining these words resulted in various problems at schools across the country.”


“I suggest that free education could only be free if all the resources available to at least cover the most basic needs such as textbooks, stationery and cleaning materials just to mention a few. Inclusive education is defined in the bill, I, however, suggest that this should include well-resourced schools and specialised essential equipment, assertive technology, devices, and adequately trained human resources,” he said.