Vugs reinstated as NAC board deputy chair … as Mutorwa bends to pressure

 The Namibia Airports Company’s Beverly Vugs has at long last been reinstated to her previous position as board deputy chairperson following a court action in which she challenged the decision to boot her out.

Vugs was fired and later reinstated to a demoted position. 

Her firing and replacement turned into a nasty public outburst a few days ago which tipped her against hospitalised works minister, John Mutorwa.

Mutorwa later conceded that there had been some mistakes made during the process of firing her and agreed to have her retained but to the directorship position.

It came out that Vugs was adamant and is reported to have rejected attending a board meeting.

Mutorwa wrote to the attorney general, Albert Kawana, accusing her for making injurious statements on his person in her court papers.

However, both parties finally agreed to strike an out of court settlement which resolved to review and set aside the decision to kick Vugs out of NAC, reinstate her to the deputy chairperson’s position, and for the two to have no further clans against each other.

The parties also agreed that Mutorwa bear Vugs’ legal costs and that the settlement agreement be made a court order.

The outburst at NAC opened a can of worms as Vugs exposed how Mutorwa interfered with management’s work and was victimising her for trying to clean the rot at NAC.

Mutorwa had disclosed to the AG that he would be approaching her so she can make herself clear on the allegations she had made against him.