Russian billionaire farms purchase covered in lies and secrecy- AR

The Affirmative Repositioning yesterday dropped a bombshell over the acquisition of four farms by a Russian billionaire disclosing that contrary to latest media reports, the government had bought the land and leased it to him.

AR slammed government for selling the country to the highest bidder “as its key actors proceed to the Heroes Acre”.

The movement produced documents at an urgent press conference which reveal that Rashid Sardarov had not bought the four farms from the owners, Wolffsgrund and Rainhof Farming Company.

The documents instead reveal that government forked out N$43 million on the 14th of September 2018 with the purchase deal signed by lands minister, Utoni Nujoma, to hand over to Sardarov four days later.

“We must as a country be concerned about this horrible transaction and ask a number of questions. Where did the government get the N$43 million from? Was the N$43 million budgeted for? Was the government a middleman? Was this transaction approved by cabinet?” queried Job Amupanda.

He described the transaction as a blesser (government) and blessee (Sardarov) scenario.

Amupanda also said AR took note that on the lease agreement at the land reform ministry as contained on their systems, page seven of the document was missing as well as other important pages.

“It is clear that the regime does not only deal in secrecy and lies that characterise the highest form of darkness that should be rejected in a democratic society. It is now important for the youth to seriously see that this country is sinking faster than ever and confront the regime and its zombies,” Amupanda lashed out.

He added that this revelation was suggestive of a lot of underground dealings within the transaction and he called for a thorough investigation by the Anti Corruption Commission and the Ombudsman.

He said they would be approaching these institutions today.

Added Amupanda, “The revelation did not come as a surprise to us. In fact, we had submitted an objection to this very transaction in 2017, in line with the land laws of our country that was received by minister Nujoma and to date, he is yet to come back to us.”

“Our major concern is the lies and propaganda that are being spread by the corrupt regime, lies, and propaganda that have since been swallowed by our usually hard working and investigative media regarding the transaction.”