Nudo factions to receive judgement in November


A ruling that will confirm or set aside the outcome of Nudo’s heavily disputed 26 May 2018 congress will be pronounced on the 14th of November 2018 by High Court Judge Hosea Angula.

The party is hard-pressed to sweep its house clean this year before the commencement of the election campaign-trail ahead of next year’s parliamentary and presidential elections.

At present, Esther Utjiua Muinjangue and Vetaruhe Kandorozu are at each other’s throats as the latter with his clique are seeking to declare the congress null and void to the frustration of Muinjangue.

Their lawyers squared off yesterday in the High Court with counsel for Kandorozu submitting that the decision taken by the party’s president to postpone the congress was legitimate and such an order has to be implemented.

Muinjangue’s council is nevertheless convinced that the president should have given congress delegates a chance to vote on whether the congress be discredited or otherwise.

Yet Kandorozu’s lawyer argued that the congress had been mired by disorder and there was thus no chance to allow for such a vote other than to have the president pronounce the way forward.

Represented by Advocate Rukoro and Kadhila Amoomo, the Muinjangue-led faction is of the mind that the meeting that cancelled the congress was not properly convened and constituted.

“The applicants state: The third respondent’s intervention was however ignored, where after the business of the National Congress was called off.”?

“Again no mentioned is made of the process and procedure leading to the calling of the National Congress being called off, who the persons where that called it off and the source of their purported authority,” said advocate Rukoro. ?

They also said article 24 of the party’s constitution does not give the president power to call off a congress