Property of vulnerable persons not to be sold- Kazapua

City mayor, Muesee Kazapua has said that the municipality will not auction any primary property belonging to residents in order to recover municipal debt.

He made this statement in the capital on Tuesday, after a liberation struggle veteran, Frieda Kaahanga approached the office of the mayor in an attempt to save her property from being auctioned publicly by the city for debt recovery owing to debt from October 2013.

“I was fully conscious of not only the political ramification this incident would carry but also the fact that this was morally in conflict with what we as the council was doing for all the elders. I immediately instructed the manager of debt management to rectify the situation and accordingly to collect the debt as required.”

“Regrettably this matter was reported to the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Office Prosecutor General decided to prosecute the manager concerned. I, in turn, wrote to the Office of the Prosecutor General to reconsider her decision. It was on that moral basis that I approached the office of the prosecutor general. This decision was taken in consultation with the Swapo Khomas Regional Office,” the mayor said.

Kazapua said that his decision to intervene in the matter was blown out of proportion and politicised for cheap gain.

“These are matters that affect our people on a daily basis and this is why we as leaders are here to protect our people from reliving the brutal draconian experience under the fascist apartheid regime. I will make it emphatically clear that my intervention was based on moral grounds, thorough investigation and advise,” he said.