SPYL secretary goes ballistic against government

Secretary for the Swapo Party Youth League, Ephraim Nekongo yesterday went ballistic, dissatisfied by lack of progress in government and called for the firing of under-performing ministers.


Nekongo, who shied away from naming and shamming ministers sleeping on their jobs, went on to say that government was now resorting to reacting under pressure rather than being proactive.


“NBC went on strike, immediately the money is found. The airport, now the money is found. We can’t continue like this, honestly. People must do their work. We knew NBC had an issue of labour, we knew the airport was not in a straight up condition. Why are we not acting?”


“What are you doing? You’re a minister. You’re a permanent secretary, you see things like that but you’re just quiet,” he said to much applause at the Swapo Headquarters.


However, pressed by the media whether he expressly was implying that the leadership was a reactive government, he refused to come out in the open.


Rather, the league members frustrated efforts by the media to get clarity by bursting into a party song and cut the press conference.


“We are saying that if ministers are not performing and not that they are not performing. But if you a minister and some government garages are in a poor condition then you know,” he said inferring to works minister John Mutorwa.


 Nekongo wants heads of SOEs to sign performance agreements with the government, and if they fail to adhere to the agreed performance then “action must be taken accordingly”.


 He said ministers must fire underperforming officials before they themselves risk having to be booted out.


“As the youth league, we condemn in the strongest terms, the kind of leaders that forget about the people after we’ve put them in power. The non-performance of government has a direct impact on the lives of many young people in our society,” he said.


Nekongo also expressed his dissatisfaction with what he said was their observation that “foreign-owned companies (were importing) goods that are here available in Namibia.”


He delved into the tourism sector which he bashed for deliberately excluding black Namibians from actively participating and called for their mainstreaming especially in trophy hunting.


Nekongo said the fact that the government spent N$10.65 billion in food and beverages imports was suggestive of an artificially created unemployment situation.


“We call on the private companies and the government to support AMTA in purchasing locally produced fruit and vegetable. However, we are calling upon AMTA management to ensure that Namibian SMEs should be given the opportunity to manage the regional fresh produce hubs,” he said.


He also called on the government to make sure that young Namibians be the first beneficiaries of a tractor scheme that is in the pipeline. 

Meanwhile, as the mid-term budget review is about to begin, SPYL called upon the finance minister to allocate N$10 million to each local authority as direct funding for urban land servicing.

SPYL is also irked by a N$105 million Rundu State Hospital project which has failed to be completed despite N$90 million having already been spent on it.