Under fire pastor Isaack Onwordi’s fraud case pushed to 2019

Life Changing Christian Church Nigerian pastor, Isaac Onwordi who stands accused of defrauding a couple out of its house by forging documents has had his case postponed to the 17th of January 2019.


Onwordi appeared in the Windhoek Magistrate Court yesterday together with his co-accused wife, Suama Ndagodja Onwordi and both were flanked by some of their church fellowship.


They are facing a charge of fraud.


The pastor and his wife have been dirty fingered for forging a document in order to claim ownership of a N$1.5 million worth house which allegedly belongs to Gervasius Arnat and his wife.


The heavily walled house is located at erf 148 on Nthilla Street, Dorado Park and due to the ongoing wrangle, the couple lost access to this property.


The Villager understands that the couple entered into an agreement to lease the house to the church and the pastor came out to say they had rightly surrendered ownership to them.


It is alleged that Onwordi transferred the property into his name by means of misrepresentation.


“In truth and in fact, the accused when he/she so gave out and pretended as aforesaid, well knew that he was not the lawful owner of erf 148 Nthilla street, Dorado Park and thus the accused did commit the crime of fraud,” reads the charge annexure.


Yesterday, the state failed to produce laboratory results of the documents which include a signature analyses.


Further, the investigating officer failed to show up to notify the court how far the investigations had gone prompting the judge to have no other option but have the matter pushed to next year.

The lawyer for Onwordi and wife told the judge that he accepted the postponement with reluctance blaming council for the state for failing to have the matter done within time.


“Let it be the last time that the case is postponed and the 17th of January will be the last date,” said the lawyer.


Both were consequently released with their N$10 000 bail for each extended.


Onwordi is not new to controversy, and this year a local weekly reported that he was embroiled in a nasty verbal spat with families of some of his followers, as well as former congregants who accuse his leadership of tearing up families and excessively controlling church members.


Way back in 2007, the local public broadcaster also reported that his church had declared a week of prayer and fasting in which Onwordi allegedly cut off people's hair and burned it together with other items like their TVs, Hi-Fis, DVDs etc.


The pastor has maintained that those that are tarnishing his name were people he had helped only to turn back to bite at him and he went on to flatly reject that his church was a cult.


 His church denied allegations of forcing congregants into unplanned marriages saying they only “bless those who have already married in court and have evidence of a marriage certificate”.