15 accused fraudsters swindle thousands from Agric-ministry

A string of relatives, friends, and co-workers are in for a tough time after they got dragged into the magistrate’s court for allegedly swindling the ministry out of thousands of dollars in payments for jobs they never did.


At the centre of the storm is the ministry’s acting chief forester, Yvonne Mujoro-Kauketu, who on many occasions, allegedly conspired with many of the accused to defraud the ministry. 


Mujoro worked hand in hand with her sister, Fabiola Katjingisiua to claim N$9 800 from the ministry after falsely pretending that she had cleared heavy forested areas in the Otjombinde constituency of the Omaheke region, the state alleged.


It is the state’s case that Katjingisiua lied that she had entered into a contract with the ministry to construct fire breaks.


Both have also been charged for illegally giving the ministry a receipt to necessitate payment of the claimed amounts, in contravention of the Anti-Corruption Act as well as money laundering.


Kauketu is also being charged with having defrauded the ministry with another of her relatives, Ingrid Tjiroze by lying that he had constructed 14km of fire breaks in Otjinene.

They thus defrauded the ministry of N$9 800, the state alleged, and have been slapped with charges of contravening the Anti-Corruption Act and money laundering.

In another fraud charge, Kauketu is said to have connived with a Jenny Deline Aukhomes to commit fraud. 

She too lied to have carried out the same work in Otjinene and claimed some monies, the state alleged. 

Another accused is Engelbertha Ndjavera who is said to have claimed from the ministry N$9 800 for constructing 14km of fire break.

Together with Kauketu, they face a charge of money laundering.

Kauketu is said to also have worked in cahoots with another of her sisters, Emmely Tjituka and defrauded the ministry of N$9 800 for work supposedly done in Otjombinde and Otjinene.

In another incident, Kauketu is said to have also worked with a Marlisa Ngaujake, claimed to have constructed fire breaks in Otjinene and thus claimed N$9 800.

Kauketu is accused of having gone from there to deal with her husband, Clement Kauketu and a certain Vetuesa Handura to launder some monies to the tune of N$49 000.

The fraud storm has also drag-netted two NBC employees, Moses Keeja and Clement Kauketu who also allegedly defrauded the ministry of N$9 800 after pretending to have constructed fire breaks in Otjombinde.

Kauketu’s husband, herself and another Selnadia Veiuane Tjamburo are accused of conspiring to the effect that Tjamburo had done some firebreak work in Otjinene and thus claimed N$9 800.

In another incident, Kauketu allegedly teamed up with the ministry’s analyst programmer once again, Sylvia Hoeses, together with the latter’s sister, Maureen Rolin Hoeses.

It is the state’s case that the two employees used the sister to defraud the ministry out of thousands of dollars.

In the meantime, Ndjavera, Ngaujake, and Hoeses were yesterday instructed to approach legal aid to get state lawyers and their case has been postponed to the 28th of November 2018.