22-year old man admits to killing a 16-year-old girl


A 22-year-old man from Rehoboth who is facing charges of murder, rape and robbery admitted to killing 16-year-old Camila Steyn yesterday in the Windhoek High Court.

In a statement read before Judge Christie Liebenberg, Eldrin Goliath pleaded guilty to murder but flatly denied that he had raped and robbed her of her belongings between the fateful night of 5 and the morning of 6 November 2016.

He told the court that he met the 16-year-old girl at a club where she asked to be escorted back home because her boyfriend was not ready to do so.


This was not the first time they had met, he had made love proposals to her, which she denied citing that she was in a relationship already, he said.

He narrated that they both shared a cigarette and proceeded to a house under renovations whereupon they got intimate to the point of having sex.

Halfway in the process, the court heard that Steyn asked him to stop, pushing him away but Goliath held her against the wall until she dropped down dead.

According to the accused, “I blacked out and held her against the wall for 15 seconds,” he admitted saying he freaked out, ran away only to be arrested the following day.

On the charge of robbery, Goliath testified that he had the deceased’s phone with no intention to possess it while he was not aware that he had her shoes.

He had only used the phone for lighting purposes during that night, he said.

He added that had he not drank that night; he would have avoided this criminality saying he took full responsibility for the death of Camila.

“I seek for mercy from the court on reaching the appropriate justice,” he said.

Judge Liebenberg weighed in to challenge his version asking how he could have harbored intentions of murder when at the same time he claimed to have blacked out.

As far as the Judge was concerned, Goliath had effectively admitted to having suffered non-pathological criminal incapacity and thus the state was entitled to reject his guilty plea.

He ordered the trial to proceed.

The state prosecutor submitted that Goliath’s denial of rape contradicted the evidence gathered which showed that the deceased had been forcibly raped.

Camila’s boyfriend, Javian du Plessis took to the witness box and testified how on that fateful night, she called him and asked for him to come and take her home and how 'some boy' was refusing to let her go.

After having been asked by Camila’s mother to help track her down, he drove to where she said she would wait but upon getting there, she was absent, which prompted him to drive to her Aunt.

It was only later in the day that he would be told that her girlfriend was found dead.

He told the court that Camila rarely went out without him and that her phone was cut at some point when he was calling her for directions.

The trial continues.