Third mental check-up for accused serial rapist/murderer


An accused serial rapist and murderer, Johannes Hausiku, who is a resident of Outjo will have to undergo a third psychiatric evaluation to see if indeed he is ready to stand trial.


This comes after the head of the psychiatric unit at the Windhoek Central Hospital, Dr. Hileni Ndjaba had found that the accused was not in a position to understand court proceedings and thus could not defend himself.

Complications, however, arose when another private psychiatrist made a contradicting observation that Hausiku was mentally sound for trial.


As such the state yesterday approached Judge Nate Ndauendapo to have Hausiku get evaluated by a third doctor in Oshakati to reach a clear and possibly final conclusion on his state of mind.

Advocate Ethel Ndlovu is standing in for the state.


Hausiku is faced with 15 charges coming from three occasions that took place at Outjo in 2012 and he has presently denied guilt on all of them.

He is being accused of kidnapping, raping and attempting to rape a drunken woman during the night of 30 and 31 May 2012.

The state also alleges that he murdered his victim’s child and that he attempted to defeat the course of justice by ordering the woman to make a police report to the effect that she had been attacked by her son.

He also remote-controlled the woman into testifying that her son had been killed by a mob of four men, the state alleges. 

At the same time, Lawyer Mbanga Siyomunji had been representing the accused.


Yet he withdrew from the trial and told Judge Ndauendapo that Hausiku had changed his instructions on the charges he was facing.


The lawyer also informed the Judge that he had doubts about Hausiku's mental state after the changed instructions came to light during a consultation between him and Hausiku.