I will investigate City of Windhoek quarrels- Mushelenga … as Kahimise breaks silence

Soon after three councilors exposed a conspiracy to suspend the City of Windhoek’s chief executive officer, urban and rural development minister, Peya Mushelenga said he is on his way to investigate the matter.

Speaking to The Villager yesterday, Mushelenga said he was on leave writing exams but would be instituting a probe into the allegations as some as he was back in office.

Councilors, Josef Kauandenge, Brunhilde Cornelius and Ignatius Semba wrote to the minister saying that some management members at the municipality were plotting to put Robert Kahimise on a three-month suspension.


It came to light that the firing of the city police boss, Robert Kanime prompted some management members to shift the blame on Kahimise claiming that he did so without prior authorisation.

But Mushelenga said he wants to hear both sides first before taking any action.

“Yes, I have received the letter. It is natural justice that I must hear from the other side because this open letter was written by three councilors. I can’t take any action before I hear from all councilors.”

“I will not comment on whether what is happening there is a good thing or not, as I said the matter needs to be investigated. What if those things are not true? So you can’t conclude,” he said in an exclusive interview.

Kahimise broke his silence on the ensuing tensions in his house but did not say much but suggested that the allegations of the plot against him took him by surprise.

He did, too, indicate that some elements within the municipality were clearly not happy with the suspension of Kanime.

“I think I made it clear that I was not aware of those allegations. Probably there were discussed at a meeting which I did not attend. I am a public official so at any time whoever wants to investigate my office I must show up,” he said.

The Villager pressed him to confirm if indeed there was a plot to do away with him at the municipality.

“I think that one is difficult. What I am aware of is the issue of chief Kanime which is clearly within my domain as the CEO and I have executed as provided for in the service regulations of the city which some of the councilors are not happy with,” he said.

He added that if there was any plot it was probably to revenge on him for this action which he said he had taken.

 “If there is any,” he emphasised.

The Villager has reported that everything is not well at CoW and the letter to Mushelenga exposed that Kahimise had been refused to apply for the furtherance of his studies using the municipality’s resources.

It has also been alleged that a trip to Bremen to which he had been invited with all his expenses paid for was cut by management after they recommended that he send someone else.

Tribalism is also said to be at the centre of the storm as allegations are that some are unhappy with the fact that the organisation is being led by three Herero-speaking people in top positions of the major, CEO and chief legal advisor.


These management members are also said to have introduced, unilaterally, special meetings called Swapo MC Caucus on top of the statutory management meetings.

This was without prior approval from the council and they are paid sitting allowances for such meetings contrary to Section 26 of the Local Authorities Act 23 of 1992, the trio alleged.

Kauandenge, Cornelius and Semba have told Mushelenga that they are ready to institute a vote of no confidence in the management via secret ballot if tensions escalate.