City of Windhoek CEO faces suspension … as Kanime suspension haunts him

Chief executive officer for the city of Windhoek, Robert Kahimise, has come under fire from his management and is facing possible suspension as he is being blamed for suspending city police chief, Abraham Kanime, without approval.


Information coming from the municipality higher offices is that the management has backtracked on its decision to fire the city-police top cop with some members making it as if it was carried out by the CEO without their blessing.

It has also come out that there is a plot to have him suspended for three months in order to, ostensibly, investigate a raft of “certain allegations” levelled against him.

Due to this, three councilors have come to his defence and have written an open letter to urban and rural development minister, Peya Mushelenga to expose the conspiracy against Kahimise.


These are Josef Kauandenge, Brunhilde Cornelius and Ignatius Semba, they all want Mushelenga to come to the rescue.

Kanime is being subjected to harassment by management and a fully paid trip to a Bremen renewable energy summit had to be cancelled after he was recommended to find someone else to go, the trio said in the letter. 


This is in spite of the fact that Kahimise comes from an energy background as he served as CEO for Erongo Red.

“Honorable minister, already there you can sense that indeed common sense is loose now and that the persecuting of the CEO has no boundaries as he must be made to pay,” they told Mushelenga.

Although the municipality has a training and development policy through which employees can further their studies, Kahimise’s application to have a doctoral degree was not approved this week.


The trio have said there have not been any reasons given as to why this happened saying it was clear that he was being punished for a number of specified reasons.

“Some members of the MC who have allegiance with Chief Kanime and who have benefitted their cousins, daughters, and sons to be employed by the city police, want to make the CEO a sacrificial lamb for their own collective decision. By doing so they have to isolate the CEO and appear to have not known or not having been the ones who took the decision to suspend the chief.”


“There is a tribal undertone currently infesting the City of Windhoek corridors that it is not good that the organisation is led by three Herero-speaking (people) in top positions of the major, CEO and chief legal advisor, Mr. Ben Ngarorue,” they said.

The trio has told Mushelenga that Kahimise is incorruptible, does not accept under-hand dealings, bribes and that he is being frustrated for “sitting at the door where some people should eat”.


Kahimise is said to be persecuted also because he had “starved” his enemies “of tenders (and that) they are not eating as they used to”.

If issues are not resolved, they fear that the city would plunge into chaos.


“Failure to rein in the MC members, we will have no other option than to introduce a motion of no confidence in the MC members, and we will call for a secret ballot to prevent intimidation,” they said.

These management members are also said to have introduced, unilaterally, special meetings called Swapo MC Caucus on top of the statutory management meetings.


This was without prior approval from the council and they are paid sitting allowances for such meetings contrary to Section 26 of the Local Authorities Act 23 of 1992, the trio alleged.

Meanwhile, Mushelenga was not immediately available to comment on these allegations as well as to inform what his next step would be as the line minister.

Kahimise’s phone was also not reachable when The Villager contacted him.