Education bill unclear on dealing with teenage pregnancies - Dienda


The education bill is not clearly dealing with the teenage pregnancy challenge Namibia is facing and assisting in tracking those responsible, Popular Democratic Movement member Elma Dienda has said.

Dienda has pointed out that teenagers and their teachers are remaining mum on holding male counterparts responsible for pregnancies.

“The bill needs to be relooked on the area of teenage pregnancies and we need to be realistic as well. Even the nurses will not tell you who is responsible for a pregnancy of a 12-year-old girl. They will tell you it is not their place to report such incidences. We need to relook the situation and hold the person that is responsible for teenage pregnancies accountable and be brought to book,” she said.

She added that learner-teacher relationships are a great concern, therefore the bill should also state consequences for a teacher who crosses the boundary or is identified as a responsible party to a teen’s pregnancy.

“Men will always be men but we need to face the reality. We cannot tolerate the issue of men impregnating young girls and disappearing from the face of the earth. They need to take responsibility for each and every of their unwanted action. Even if these men are parliamentarians we must bring them to book,” she said.