Nam dancers off to SA


Dance Sport Namibia has officially received the national sports colors to represent the country at the Latin and Ballroom Dance competition in South Africa from the 19th to 21st of October this year.

Dancing was recognised as a sport code in July last year by the Namibia Sports Commission.

The current team will for the first time take part in an international competition, president of DSN Venancis Rukero said. 

“We will be competing against 21 teams. And today I promise all of you that starting from today and the next two years we will just be bringing home gold medals. Namibians love to dance, it is what we are good at. We have the dancing skills and we are not new to dancing as a nation. It is a way one can express his or her feelings as well that is why we say that we will be bringing home gold medals,” he said.

He added that dancing can be very challenging but that it is part of the Namibian culture and that Namibians have experience to overcome whatever challenges they might face on the dancing floor.

The team is expected to leave by next week to take part in the prestigious dance competition.