WMC hosts final circuit race


The Windhoek Motor Club (WMC) had its final circuit race of the year at the Tony Rust Race Track on Saturday in Windhoek.

The event saw Namibian race enthusiasts dominate their counterparts from Angola.

The drivers all excelled at this one-day event, to the amusement of local spectators, where Allan Martin set a new circuit racing track record of 1:09:35 while racing clockwise in the Class A category.

This was the first time drivers raced clockwise and the track is always raced on an anticlockwise direction. The old record stood at 01:03:95.

 WMC chairperson Richard Slamet said the final circuit race for the year was a success and they are now looking forward to making their relationship with their Angolan counterparts a permanent one.

“This was the first time we had racers from Angola, who gave our drivers a good challenge. We are now going to work on making this partnership a long-term one as it helped both teams in improving their motorsports,” he said.

He added that going forward they will invite competitors from other countries to some of their championships as well to generate more interest.

Slamet also said that the drivers from Angola loved Namibia’s circuit because it was challenging and WMC is looking forward to inviting drivers and riders from neighboring South Africa at the beginning of next year.