The humble rise of Alta

She is a sacrificial offering of a sound and creative genius that has a potential to stomp the highly contested yard of local show-biz and with just a few singles in, Alta is Namibia’s next top thing.

The soft-spoken artist of just four years told Vibe that she has an upcoming album set to be released sometime next year to add to her first warning shots.

Full name’s Alta Ouses and she describes her upbringing as almost laced with everything to do with Windhoek and if her first video, How deep is your love is anything to go by, then she is by no doubt here to change the grind.

The 24-year-old has archived her voice in Rhythm & Blues with her nimble feet firmly placed on Hip-Hop.

“It’s been hectic, I have been looking for someone who understands me as an artist,” she begins as she buries herself into the comfy couches of Avani Café, “I have had two singles this year.”

On the first single she features a South African rapper, who freestyled the lyrics one studio-day and the following morning she got blown away by the intricacies and seduction of his version.

Alta defines herself as someone beautiful but fearless, a goddess of firm character that knows her mission as she begins her infant waltz towards a certain future.

Her eyes glimmer with hints of curiosity and she likes to meticulously collect herself and choose her words carefully.

It had taken us a few days to strike a deal and have her open up her closet and today, she was wearing deep colours with feathers in her ears. 

But first, we go back to how it all started?

“Well, I used to sing with my sister at Jan Mor where we won the best duo. From there I was discovered at Song Night in 2014 after which I decided to do music full time,” she reminisces with an air of nostalgia.

Song Night is Liz Ehlers’s baby, a playground of some of the rare lyrical gifts still in the wilderness and it is here where some of the finest raw germs are put in the blast furnace.

And so she emerged to carve her place in this competitive industry and her impression is that the dominant style is fast becoming prosaic, colorless and almost of a cliché. 

She pens her music out of the difficult darkness of the personal harsh realities of her life and recalls of an abusive relationship which seemingly urged her to ink, How Deep is Your Love.

“I feel I have no competition,” she adds, as her voice tries to beat the barrage of traffic sounds hitting through the cafe’s glassed windows, “We need a change in the industry. We can’t be doing the same thing.”

Such strong words for an elementary muse, but I figure it’s not just another random shed from a high-esteem red-head out to double-dare anyone, she is genuine. 

She tells this reporter that her eyes are set on trendsetters like Lioness and would stop at nothing to nail a collabo with her any time because “She is fresh”.

As the interview draws to its end with a short photo-shoot where she does not find it awkward to flaunt her red stilettoes, Alta promises the next time we meet again, it would be at another level, music wise. 

The creative energy in the budding artist is breath-taking and her voice comes out with an unmistakable passion of a potential musical doyen.

Her lyrics cut through the air tough as nails, neatly held together and laced with her sultry voice which comes out with mere simplicity. 

If Alta is to make a stint and jump back into the shadows, it’s a loss to the industry of an energy that has all the potential to rattle things up.


Let’s see how her ship sails the tricky voyage.