TransNamib blasts employees for “illegal” strike


TransNamib Holdings Ltd has blasted some of its workers who were engaged in an “illegal” salary strike yesterday.

The workers demonstrated in front of TransNamib offices demanding a salary increment from as far back as last year as well as to express disappointment with this year’s derailed wage negotiations.


According to the company’s chief corporate communications officer, Ailly Hangula-Paulinho, the strike came after chief executive officer Johny Smith issued a special address to staff, alerting them that the planned strike was illegal.

Management has in the meantime said it was aware of their concerns, yet they needed to be viewed in the context of the Namibian economy as a whole.


Smith has so far appealed that common sense should prevail to manage and resolve the issue, through joint efforts, without threatening the future of the business any further.


 Hangula-Paulinho added that the Namibia Transport and Allied Workers Union (NATAU), the sole bargaining agent of the workers, distanced itself from the strike and the associated employees.

TransNamib has a long standing recognition agreement with NATAU.


Hangula-Paulinho also said that the group of striking workers had not issued no letter containing any specific demands.

Said Hangula-Paulinho, “TransNamib notes with concern that the industrial action is illegal under the Labour Act, Act No. 11 of 2007, and is also not permissible under TransNamib’s policies.”


She added that the strike was in contrast with management’s attempts in setting new lines and tones of communication with employees whilst strengthening the existing communication structures.

“Suffice to say, any industrial action  right now will only serve to undermine exactly what employees of the company are looking for, which is a salary increment,” she said.