Man rapes his grandmother

The police in the Omaheke region are investigating a rape case in which a 26-year-old man allegedly raped his 71-year-old grandmother between Thursday and Friday last week.

The incident took place at the Skoonheid settlement in the Du Plessis area.

It is alleged the suspect forced his grandmother to have sexual intercourse with him after he entered her room.

He was then arrested and charged with rape under the Domestic Violence Act.

Investigations in the case continue.

In a similar case, the police in Ondangwa reported that on Saturday around 20h06, a 32-year-old man allegedly physically assaulted and then raped his 26-year-old girlfriend at knifepoint.

The incident took place at Oshoopala-Uukwiyu Uushona.

The suspect allegedly started assaulting the victim by kicking and punching her on her way home from Ondekemba location.

He then pulled out a knife and threatened to cause her more hard, after which he proceeded to have sex with her.

Investigations in the matter are continuing.