Traditional Hip-hop meets R&B

Night Under the Stars (NUTS) for October 2018 will on Friday the 5th welcome on stage a Namibian duo, Ethnix, who add a dash of Namibian spice to the hegemony of the internationally recognized genres.


Speaking of their genre ahead of the event Etjo Kangumine said, “We refer to our style as traditional Hip-Hop and R&B because most of our music is in a vernacular, like Otjiherero, and we apply many ethnic accents.”

Born in Otjiwarongo and raised in Okakarara, the 24-year-old rapper said her relationship with music comes from birth.


“Music has always been part of my life and I have been singing since I can remember,” she said.

 Being submerged in an environment so rich in culture while growing up is reflected through their music, such as the hit “Mbaire” that featured in a film named after a prominent Windhoek suburb.


“I started experimenting with music and my voice in primary school. That evolved into discovering my passion for rap in high school,” said 25-Year-old Julius Marco Hamwele.

He grew up in Windhoek and knew that music is perfect for him and added that he had always known that he had a passion for music and that was his motivation to pursue it.

 That cooperative pursuit for the passion between the two musicians produced tracks like “Lambela” that was performed at the Namibia Annual Music Awards 2014 and the most recent hit, “Omutima” that’s blazing the local radio waves.

The duo made their entrance into showbiz about four years ago and went under the 777 Studios and by 2016, they decided to go different ways.

A year later the two had merged their art into a sound lyrical machine which saw the release of Omutima which rocked radio stations seven days to Sunday.

Well poised within the limelight, Ethnix gave their fan base Omaronga whose release was in February of this year.