Otjomuise murder suspect found guilty

 A three-year pursuit for justice following the gruesome murder of one Marlene Gatonje is almost nearing completion as the accused was found guilty of murder and assault yesterday.

 Elwen Gawaxab lowered his head after the judge ruled that, in spite of his attempts to distance himself from the murder case, he was the criminal that savagely attacked Gatonje on a beer drinking night three years ago.  

It is the state’s case that Gawaxab met four ladies at Caprivi bar in Windhoek who later drove him to an ATM after informing them that he had N$78 000 in his account and wanted to make a cash withdrawal.

However, one thing led to another, and an argument ensued in the car, but after withdrawing only N$2 000, the driver took them to her house, where due to noise, they were made to drive off by the house owner.


With that money, the accused had even told the woman that he could take them to a guest house and have sex with them.

As the argument got intense, the driver parked her car after which Gawaxab became violent and assaulted one of them, Thalitha Patricia Khai-Gu Mungunda before turning his wrath on the deceased.


The other women fled off, leaving Gawaxab attacking Gatonje with a broken bottle before severely hitting her with a huge stone,

 All this was in the eyes of some witnesses who lived close by and thought it was just another drunk couple.


The witnesses recalled seeing a shirtless man shouting, “I am not a fool!” and severely beating a woman who was crying for help until he dropped a stone on her.

Gatonje was later rushed to Katutura State Hospital where she was pronounced dead that morning, a few minutes before 05h00.


She had dislocated skull fractures, and her condition could not allow for surgery as her body was riddled with 14 stab wounds to the head, chest and abdomen.


A pool of blood was found on the scene together with a bloodied stone and broken bottle.

Although Gawaxab admitted having met some women and made some withdrawals, he said they were not the ones testifying against him.

In his defence, he played the victim saying the women whom he had asked for a lift had robbed him of his groceries and dumbed him.


The court got convinced that he was the same man who was with the said women since they testified that he had indeed made a withdrawal and that the same places he said to have gone to, they were there as well.


The judge ruled that Gawaxab had fabricated another version and brought a false account before the court and it found him guilty of murder and assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm.

The third of October has been set aside for submissions.