NBAA host 2nd Bank Windhoek national competition

Namibia Bass Angling Association (NBAA) hosts its 2nd Bank Windhoek national competition at Windhoek’s Von Bach dam last week.
The tournament turnout was beyond expectation with 21 boats and 25 anglers ready to get their lures in the water.
With a cold front that had moved the prediction was that it would be a tough competition.
This prediction was further confirmed with an icy cold wind that howled through the streets of Windhoek early on Saturday morning as anglers prepared to leave for the dam.
Public relations officer of NBAA Andrew Hall said although apprehensive; there was excitement in the air as reports of good fishing circulated the die-hard bass angling community.
“Beyond all expectations, the fishing was exceptional even in the cold weather conditions. A whopping total of 98 fish made it to the scales with a total weight of 94.612kg. A true testament of Von Bach returning to its former glory,” he said. 
He added that a total of 17 anglers managed to weigh in their bag limit and the weighmaster has not experienced so many bright smiles in quite some time as anglers proudly came to weigh in their catches.
According to Hall the most massive fish of the competition was caught by Max Pieper and weighed a staggering 3.462kg.
Max Pieper won the first place followed by Nic Kruger in the second place with a fish weighing 6.357Kg, and the third place was won by Jurgen Geiger that caught a fish weighing 6.25 Kg.