Windhoek-Rundu drivers imposing 40% fare increase

Long distance passengers travelling between Windhoek and Rundu have complained that drivers have already defied the 20% increase and are not charging customers at a 40% increase.

Passengers were paying between N$250 and N$270 to travel from Windhoek to Rundu and are only supposed to be charged 20% more, however, they are now forced to pay up to N$350 per trip. These rates exclude extra charges for those travelling with luggage.

The Road and Transportation Board approved a 20% increase on taxi and bus fare across the board effective 1st September this year.

By the end of October, the transportation board will gazette a tariff booklet which will be distributed to the public.
Only the board that can change the conditions of permits and the booklet is to make sure that everyone is on par with the official standpoint so that no one will publish a different set of information.

The president of the Namibia Transport and Taxi Union, Werner Januarie refused to comment on the matter saying, “I have no comment at all. No comment means no comment I will not comment anything on the questions you are now asking me”.

Januarie was also quoted in daily media saying that he will push for the full 50% increase which his union was initially gunning for.

Meanwhile, this publication reported last month that some taxi drivers and commuters welcomed the 20% increase, but passengers said it was an added burden.

Eliaser Iilonga, who drives his taxi, saying the increase would be help with petrol.

“I am pleased about this because as for me, I do not get a salary, this is my car. We were suffering due to the petrol increases, and other things and customers were complaining. They do not want to pay enough money until home. So that is good,” said Iilonga.

Suzzy Gowases who commutes daily from her home in Katutura to Klein Windhoek said the increase would add too much burden to her budget.
“I just can’t afford it,” she said.