Lingua College tourism student in court for robbery

A Lingua College first year student who is studying travelling and tourism has found himself in hot soup for robbing and assaulting a woman near Van Rhij Street in Windhoek. 

The student, Wantha Thekwane (21) was found guilty of the offence together with his colleague, Hector Harold Mouton (27) and each will likely face community service for their crime.

Hector is a jobless former employee for a printing company.

They made their appearance in the Windhoek Magistrate court yesterday where they were visibly embarrassed and pleaded for mercy from the court saying they were sorry.

Pressed by the court why they did this, they said all they wanted was money and to buy food.

It is the state’s case that on about the 10th of September this year, the accused did unlawfully and with the intention of forcing her into submission, assault Patricia Domingo by grabbing and kicking her to the ground.

They allegedly proceeded to steal from her one Samsung cellphone and one pair of eyeglasses all to the value of N$2 000.

They admitted that this was their first offence and were ready to pay N$1 000 fine which Hector said he would get from his cousin while Wantha said his father would pay.

“It’s my first and last time,” said Hector before the judge postponed their case to the 20th of September to see if they were both suitable for community service.