NamPower responds to backlash over “rebranding” advert

Following a huge social media outburst over what has been thought to be a poorly done job over a NamPower's “rebranding exercise,” the company has come out to defend itself saying it has only refreshed its look.

NamPower said people are mistaking its brand recharging to proper rebranding, heaping blame instead on the daily newspapers that advertised it.

The power utility also accused critics of jumping to conclusions when the reading on the advert was clear that this was not a rebranding exercise.

When the advert first appeared, the only visible sign of change was the italics below whose font was changed and the sentence aligned.

The green was also lightened up and the gold deepened.

“When people look at refreshing or rebranding, you have to take all elements into consideration, and this (light) colour is a more appealing green. This (light) green is more popular,” explained the company.

Assumptions also fuelled social media outrage that the power company may have forked out a huge sum of money for a tender to have such a job done.

NamPower refused to say how much the brand refreshment cost but admitted that a private company did the job.

Instead, the company pointed at other brands like FNB Namibia and Bank Windhoek that made similar retouches to their look yet no one asked about how much that cost.