Father claims son receives death threats over homicide case

Father of a young man charged with culpable homicide when he ran over three people including a police officer three years ago in Windhoek has come out to say that his son was receiving death threats.

He exclusively revealed this to The Villager yesterday minutes before his son, Morne Mouton appeared in the Windhoek Magistrate Court where he gave his testimony on what transpired on the fateful night of the accident in July of 2015.
The incident happened three years ago when Mouton was just 20 years of age.

The father begged not to have fresh pictures of his son taken during the trial due to these threats.
According to his evidence, Mouton denied accusations that he was drunk during the time his car veered off before hitting the three who were beside the road.

All this happened when he was on his way home from his girlfriend’s place in Hochland Park where he had spent part of the day after school.

He said that he was not aware of the speed at which he was driving and did not know that he had hit people, as his vehicle went off the road by 20 meters.

“I could not see well,” he said.

State witnesses have told the court that his vehicle was negligently travelling at high speed while he was under the influence of alcohol and it went 200 meters away, off the road.

Although the general speed limit in the area was 60km, Mouton said he could not recall whether he was driving above that or below.

He said that he had seen an unidentified person crossing the road in his front which caused him to veer off to avoid escalating the situation with other cars.

“I couldn’t apply brakes. The safest thing was to veer off, and I didn’t know there were three people. I was not negligent,” he insisted through his interpreter.

One of the hit people’s legs was found in the road, and he didn’t know how it got there, he testified.
He said the incident happened at a dark area and on discovering that he had caused the death of people, he called his father, broke down and wept and relieved himself in the bush nearby.

Responding to allegations by Cleophas Davids, another witness who said that he was not talking and walking properly soon after the accident suggesting that he was drunk, Mouton said that was because he was in shock.

The police came in, tested for alcohol, took him to the Katutura Hospital where blood samples were taken before he was taken to the police.

All this happened from 01h35 to 05h00, and he was in the company of a friend, he said.
Lawyer Sisa Namandje is still representing Mouton.