Accused murderer/rapist denies crimes 13 years later

It’s 13 years now after a Swakopmund woman, Menesia Owases was brutally raped, murdered and mutilated yet one of the accused, Kinsley Dausab has continued to maintain his innocence in the case.


Owases was allegedly raped, murdered, a bottle inserted into her vagina and her private parts hit with a rock. 

The state has finally closed its case in the matter.


Dausab appeared yesterday with co-accused Michael Tsowaseb before High Court Judge Ndauendapo and testified that he neither knew the deceased nor was he there during the time the crime was committed.

This is in spite of evidence gathered by the state of his shoes whose prints matched those that were found at the murder scene.

His denial also comes in the wake of Tsowaseb having pleaded guilty to the rape and murder and brought the police to arrest Dausab in whose yard his shark was.


Tsowaseb had already told the court that indeed Dausab was in his company on the 3rd of September 2005 when Owases was killed.

The deceased’s body was found early the next morning on an open piece of land between Swakopmund's Tamariskia and Jabulani


In his testimony which had to be interpreted from Damara into English, Dausab said, “I did not participate in the killing, and I have no knowledge of this crime. I know Michael, but I was not a part of this. I was not in his company on those dates.”


When the pair of shoes were shown him to see if he identified them, Dausab did not take more than 10 seconds before he shook his head saying he did not recognise them.

He said the shoes that had been taken from his house were instead a brand of All-Star sneakers adding, “I categorically deny that these are my shoes.”

Dausab said he was not in Swakopmund by the time and only got informed by a neighbour whom he asked what tribe the deceased was.


He has blamed the police for lying against him in court. 

Meanwhile, Tsowaseb claimed that Dausab killed Owases by breaking her neck

after they had visited a shebeen, a nearby house and a nightclub.

Tsowaseb has also said that Dausab intended to rape Owases, but after

undressing himself and the woman, he realised that she was dead.


He is said to have told him that they should destroy the evidence after which he proceeded to hit the woman in the face with a rock before inserting a bottle into her vagina and

hitting her private parts with a stone.