Namas - who will win what?


with the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) around the corner, Namibian music lovers wait in anticipation while at the same time, promoting their favourites on blogs and Facebook.
Most NAMA nominees have Facebook pages, to help them campaign during competitions while others took to SMSes, say bloggers.
While we do not mean to disrespect NAMA organisers, we are speaking for most when we say people only go for the event to witness the awarding of song of the year, best music video, best single, best collaboration, best kwaito, best newcomer of the year and best male/female artist of the year.
Apart from those, the best album of the year, best international achiever, and most disciplined artist of the year as well as best producer are among the interesting awards.
Young Cashley, who is also a NAMA nominee for best non-album single says, he puts his faith on Exit or Mushe for the best male artist of the year.
“To be honest, before anything was initially revealed, I had anticipated PDK would take the main award this year. But now, I think the tie is between Exit and Mushe. I know the amount of work they have put in both their nominated albums,” he said.
The competition is tight in all these categories. In the Song of the Year category, for instance, Gazza, The Dogg and Exit are running neck to neck but we would also say that they have left a wiggle room for 16-year old Linda to squeeze in with I Believe.
Mushe is, however, confident that he will take the award for best kwaito saying, “I will take it (the award), the song is the best. It’s a real kwaito song and it’s also an anthem, because of its lyrics.”
The best music video is no doubt going to Exit for To ti ngaa, with Quido as the runner up with Soweto. To ti ngaa has a great kwaito video shot at TransNamib and Exit and Gazza bring out their kwaito skills to the video while showing enough ‘bromance’.
Linda and Quido have been getting a lot of spotlight lately and they make up the most competitive pair in the best newcomer of the year category. Voters say the best newcomer award should be about hard work and should be awarded to those who deserve it and not give chances to those who have been trying and have still not made it.
Quido got a little spotlight when 061 had its birthday bash at Zenzo Lounge last weekend. This might get him some votes before the due date.
Best male and female artist of the year makes it difficult for us to choose; what are the criteria? However, if we had to choose looking at who has been in the spotlight most for the past 12 months, we would say The Dogg is in the lead with Exit and Mushe following elbow to elbow.
Tequila stands above all, for best female artist with Party Tonight. However, a blend of Linda and Stella in the same category makes for a strong competition. Let’s hope voters don’t hold the mini-skirt incident against Tequila when they vote.
Most disciplined artist of the year, we would say is all about social responsibility; setting an example as an artist while entertaining. We can only guess who will not stand a chance in that category.
Exit and Mushe are definitely not taking this one. They have both been in the media for violence, which makes them the last on the list. The award is most likely to be given to a newcomer on whom we have less dirt.