Morcar Fishing Company donates N$120 000 to education

Marco Fishing Company Pty (Ltd) has donated a cash amount of N$120 000 to the ministry of education in Windhoek yesterday. 

A total amount of N$10 000 each will be handed over to Danie Joubert Combined School and Suiderhoff Primary School for the development of school programs while N$100 000 will be donated to Omuangete Projects School situated approximately 80km outside Opuwo in Kunene region.

“We are partners in education with the ministry and we have come to hand over this generous gesture in favor of schools today. It is not the first time the company has donated towards education and this is the way of us ploughing back into the community,” the director of the company Tarah Shinavene said at the occasion. 

Accepting the donation, the minister of education Katrina Hanse-Himarwa said that since the launch of the Friends of Education in Namibia Special Initiative last year that aims to advocate and garner support in various forms towards education, various stakeholders have come on board. 

“I am delighted to announce that the ministry has strengthened a number of new and existing partnerships and that concerted efforts are being made by all Namibians to complement the investment government makes in education. Today’s gathering reaffirms such efforts. The path of any country starts with education as well as supportive conducive social environments for its people to prosper,” she said.

She added that the company continues to demonstrate that it is not only profit driven but ploughs back into the communities as part of their corporate social responsibility and shares its wealth with those at the helm of transforming the lives of others.

The company donated over N$50 000 to FAWENA, a program aimed at supporting school girls.