Government dumps dilapidated school on parents

Parents of children who were enrolled at the Edward //Garoeb Primary School which was affected by several earthquakes at the settlement in Anker have now started collecting funds to renovate the school before the next academic year.

The classrooms and the hostel walls have cracks as a result of the earthquakes that have hit the area earlier this year.

As a result the children were relocated to Frans Frederick Primary School at Fransfontein, to continue their studies.

“We started with the process of collecting funds from sponsors ranging from businesses to individuals at the end of June. We are making progress. We decided to take action by collecting funds to at least renovate five to seven classrooms at the school before next year. We have not yet seen anything being done by the government even though the pupils are now relocated. So we did what we thought was best by starting to collect donations instead of waiting for the government to do something,” spokesperson of the concerned parents group, Ronnie Awaseb told The Villager.

He added that most classrooms need serious renovations but that the donations collected will only be able to cover for a few classrooms to accommodate the younger children who are unhappy with their new school arrangements.

“I think that they will provide tents for the children to be taught in while the school is being renovated. The only way we can keep the learners from refusing to attend school in Fransfontien is to find a way to renovate few classrooms,” he said.

Basic education’s permanent secretary Sanet Steenkamp has lashed out at the regional office in Kunene for not giving feedback despite budget allocations sent to the region for purposes such as renovations.

“Yes we are aware of the situation at the school but I have not yet been updated so what you can do is call the regional director to find out the progress or what the plans are on the regional level. The people on the ground only revert to us when they find difficulties,” she said.

The director of education in Kunene region, Angelina Jantze said they are in the process of renovating the Frans Frederick School hostel and that there are no plans for the Edward Garoeb School renovations.