Over 40% of women in rural areas unemployed

The Namibia Gender Analysis of 2017 has established that about 44% of the female rural labor force was unemployed in 2017, 10% high than that of the urban areas.

The overall female unemployment rate was 31.7% in 2014, and increased to 38.3% in 2016 while the male unemployment rate was 24.1% in 2014, but raised to 29.8% in 2016.

Commenting on the matter, the chairperson of the National Council, Magareth Mensah-Williams said that the Affirmative Action Employment Act 29 of 1998 establishes an Employment Equity Commission and provides for affirmative action measures to promote equal opportunity in employment for women as well as for racially disadvantaged persons and persons with disabilities.

“Female representation in top diplomatic positions has seesawed up and down in recent years. In 2017, there were 11 women and 20 men in the top positions at Namibian foreign missions. About 15% women in such posts in 2015 and 25% women in 2011.42. The variation presumably results from the small number of such posts, where a few changes in appointments can affect overall percentages dramatically,” she said.

She added that Namibia has proved to be one of the African counties that lead by example in giving an opportunity to women to take up top positions compared to many African countries.