Elderly woman fights for “her house” …as polygamous husband wants her out

A serious fight over ownership of a Shandumbala house has landed in the Windhoek High Court between a 68-year old woman and her husband of 26 years who is allegedly married to two other women.

Ndapanda Shanika appeared yesterday before High Court Judge Uitele and asked why her husband, Herman Konrad (69), married her in the first place now that he wants her out of the house she helped build.

According to her, Konrad had opted for a settlement via the court which she was forced to sign at a time she did not understand what it meant.

Speaking to The Villager, her granddaughter, Asnat Messag who appeared with her in court and acted as interpreter said, “She was told that if she does not sign she would lose everything but the amount she was given was too low.” 

When the matter landed in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court in 2013, Konrad was ordered to pay her N$1 625 as monthly maintenance fee but according to her, he never paid a cent.

Asnat also said that Shanika gave her husband N$38 000 to add a room to their house in order to make an income via rentals and even had receipts of building supplies she procured but her husband confiscated them.

“Kuku does not get a cent from the rent money because the husband’s step daughter collects it each month from the tenants. She is psychologically and emotionally traumatized by her husband and justice must be realised,” she said at the sidelines of the court proceedings yesterday.

The stepdaughter who was identified only as Nangula allegedly insults her telling her point blank that, “You are in my mother’s house!” The Villager was informed. 

Standing before the judge where she refused to be represented by the lawyer who had tried to force her sign the settlement, Shanika spoke with a trembling voice and medical documents seen by this publication shows that she suffers from a heart disease. 

Asnat told this publication that the husband is pushing for a divorce and that at one time he told her that he could have killed her back in 2015.

Speaking on the matter, the Judge instructed Shanika’s new lawyer from Legal Shield, Loini Shikalepo, to bring a new application before the court by the 19th of October this year to set aside the settlement between both parties.


The respondent was also give 14 days to reply to the application while the court case got postponed to the 13th of November 2018 for hearing. 

A marriage certificate seen by this publication shows that Konrad and Shanika got legally married in 1992 in Windhoek while according to Asnat the husband is traditionally married to the first wife.

She said Shanika is also challenging her husband’s position of having three wives.