Runtown management bans his MTC 081Every1 Fest performance

More unexpected drama and headache continue to pour in for MTC as another Nigerian artist is faced with the chance of not attending the highly anticipated biggest musical festival, dubbed the MTC 081Ever1Fest.

The hip-hop, R&B, reggae and rap crooner, Runtown AKA Douglas Jack Agu, is up in arms with his management, Ericmany Limited, who have written to MTC seeking to have him barred from performing owing to a civil suit arising from several breaches of their world wide recording agreement. 

This comes shortly after the Davido-scare which surfaced when it was realised the artist was booked for another show on the same dates with the festival.  

But that’s already water under the bridge, so it seems, as the artist has confirmed his Namibian trip.  

Ericmany, represented by Appolos Shimakeleni of Appolos Shimakeleni Lawyers is a Nigerian registered stable with investments in music including recording, financing and production, sales, promotion and management of artists. 

Runtown, who is now under new management is accused of breaching a management clause, professional name license clause among others.  

Speaking through its lawyer, the company said the ban restrains the artist from performance of any musical show as well as recording and producing music. 

“Having Douglas jack Agu preform at the MTC 081Every1Fest will amount to a further violation of the interdict,” said the lawyers. 

Ericmany has cautioned MTC against taking part in an illegality by permitting Runtown to grace the Namibian stage this coming August. 

“We therefore seek a written undertaking from you in this regard on or before Monday 23 July 2018 at 16h00 confirming cancelation of Douglas Jack Agu’s booking with immediate effect, failure of which we shall institute an urgent civil action to interdict MTC Namibia, together with Douglass Jack Agu from performing at the MTC 081Everyone1Fest,” MTC has been told. 

It is unclear how Runtown’s problems within his own country affect MTC and the festival here in Namibia and at a time when the management could have written a formal email of notification, sources close to the festival feel it’s scare-tactics.  

The Villager is reliably informed that the crooner is bracing to land for the show while his flight tickets have already been sorted. 

 Born in 1998, Runtown is known for his 2017 record dubbed For Life with albums, Ghetto University and Runtown Hits Vol.1 to his name.  

He has collaborated with artists, Timaya, J-Martins as well as Davido on the hit song ‘Gallardo’ which would open more opportunities.