NamPol services rated poorly- Ndeitunga

Namibian Police (NamPol) services were rated poorly by the Office of the Prime Minister, chief of police Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga said during a police address at Katutura and Otjomuise police stations today.

Police services are supposed to be fair and transparent for the public who is their client, Ndeitunga told the police officers that were gathered in numbers at the occasion. 

“If we as police were a private company we would not have made enough money and would have been broke a long time ago. Police officers need to understand that we are serving the public and the officers must behave in a way to show that they care for the public out there. We have taken the oath to protect and serve the country. Some officers are so corrupt that they want to be paid by the clients which are the general public while they are getting salaries,” he said. 

He added that NamPol is also delaying to finalise minor cases because of laziness and not wanting to do their job in a professional manner. 

Ndeitunga also lashed out at officers saying that some of them are just in the police force for corruption. 

“They steal dockets to be paid N$500 by suspects. We are aware of the fact that dockets are going missing at police stations and this is unacceptable. I want the police to be professional. Police must speed up investigations because you are getting paid by the government to do the job,” Ndeitunga fumed.