Fisheries issues fines for illegal fishing in Zambezi

The ministry of fisheries’ directorate responsible for controlling inland fisheries activities based in Zambezi region has issued 42 fines for different illegal fishing activities recorded during the 2017/18 financial year. 

Statistics provided by the directorate through the office of the governor indicate that 14 fines were issued for failure to produce a fishing license. 

Eight were issued for bashing, two for engaging in fishing without being the owner of the license, one for failure to register in the region where a gill net was intended to be used, one for drag netting and 15 for fishing during close season. 

The directorate conducted 237 land patrols in various areas during the same period of which seven missions were roadblocks which were conducted jointly with the Namibian Police covering a distance of 58 171 km. 

Statistics also indicate that 20 river patrols covering a distance of 1 028 km were conducted. 

According to the governor’s office, during the closed fishing season inspectors experienced more illegal fishing on the Zambezi river; Chobe river; Lake Liambezi; Kwando river; Linyanti river and other river channel at the eastern flood plain. 

“More people involved themselves in selling fish door to door at evenings and night time and as such tendency hampers the purpose of closed fishing season to allow fish to recover as it has been severely overfished over the past years,” the office said.