Hardap correctional facility houses 500 inmates

A total number of 553 males and 22 females are serving time at the Hardap Correctional facility, governor Esme Isaack said when she delivered the State of the Region Address in Mariental yesterday. 

“I am having good authority that at present no juveniles are detained at the correctional facility but 23 foreigners all of them male inmates are incarcerated. I am frequently visiting the facility and well aware of a severe shortage of accommodation for the staff members and the unhygienic living condition they are experiencing because of lack of adequate housing. I am seizing this opportunity to appeal to the ministry of safety and security to attend to the challenges as housing is one of the fundamental commodities of mankind,” she said. 

She added that stock theft is prevalent across the region and and law enforcement agents must step up their performances in preventing stock theft and ensure that culprits are brought to book. 

 Isaack also said that she is convinced that the region is moving in a progressive direction.

“The majority of the population is adequately involved in the making of decisions that concern their livelihoods. Government organs such as the settlement development committees; local authority development committees and regional development committees are conducting meetings to engage the people at grass root level for them to make contributions towards decision making,” she said. 

She added that despite a limited budget due to the current pressing economic climate, the governor’s office is reaching out to rural communities and local structures with provision of services and fundamental commodities.