Poor customer service bad for tourism - Shifeta

Minister of environment and tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, has said that poor customer service at tourism attraction sites and lodgings has had a negative impact on the industry.  

Following a recent outcry on service delivery in Namibia poor customer service has led to revenue loss.  

“Service delivery adds value to the tourism industry as it serves as the image of the country beyond our borders through tourists. Poor service delivery will result in lesser tourists visiting the country as customers mostly share their bad and worst experiences on platforms such as social media which will definitely have a negative impact on the interest,” he said. 

He added that there is a need to improve customer service not only in the tourism sector but in all sectors.  

Shifeta also said that business owners that own tourism attraction sites as well as establishments must make sure that they train employees on how to deal with customers when it comes to service delivery. 

“There is a need to understand the importance of service delivery in order to boost business and keep the country’s commercial fraternity compatible in the global market. Our appearances; attitudes and the way the waitresses and management will bring back tourists to Namibia after their first visit. The next time around more of the friends of tourists that we served will come to visit because of the good services we as the nation have delivered,” he said. 

He added that the tourism industry has shown growth in the past few years and this is due to good and effective customer service delivery.