Ongwediva Town Council blessed with N$350 000 by MTC

 MTC bestowed to the Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair Preparatory Committee (OATF-PC) a sum of N$350 000 as part of its annual contribution to the Ongwediva Town Council, the organizers of the flagship event, during a gala dinner hosted at the town last Saturday.

Of the funds bestowed, N$150 000 is in monetary while N$200 000 is towards the remittance of various logistically procured services in aid of the 2018 edition of the OATF.

Expressed John Ekongo, MTC’s Corporate Communication Specialist, “MTC is pleased to sponsor the Ongwediva Trade Fair as it serves as an important forum to exchange business ideas, create awareness and promote trade.”

“The Ongwediva Trade Fair has undoubtedly transitioned into one of the country’s prominent entrepreneurial opportunity, for both micro and macro business people of Oshana region. It is platforms like these that we embrace in order to develop and maintain direct market access and enhance business capacity while at the same time adding value to our products and services and boosting regional and national economic status.”

The OATF is the largest fair in the heartland of the northern regional areas that draws together business, SMMEs, youth, community organizations, consumers and all the people from across regions to celebrate the town’s diversity.

The exhibition is an inevitable platform that provides organizations with a direct connection channel to its consumers.

The fundamental element of hosting the OATF is for the Town Council to create opportunities that shall facilitate trade and business linkages between our indigenous market entrepreneurs (not only for Ongwediva but also for the entire Northern Region) with foreign business personalities, according to the Organizers.

MTC spent in excess of N$1.7 million in sponsorships to various trade shows, exhibitions and trade fairs and by according the Ongwediva Town Council this amount is indicative of the passion it has in contributing to the advent of small and medium entrepreneurial development across the breadth and length of the country.