A day of inspiration with young fashion designer

Rising fashion designer, Taimi Sakeus is cooking a day of entrepreneurial inspiration and girl-child empowerment this Saturday with the guest list topped by Namibia’s former first lady Penehupifo Pohamba.

The interactive event which will be hosted by the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre seeks to engage young entrepreneurs on how to scale up their businesses as well as surviving the current prevailing economic scourge.

The seismic economic shocks have elbowed out a number of companies while small businesses continue to feel the brunt of fiscal consolidation.

“The challenge that we as young entrepreneurs are facing is just to find one’s own place to rent. You get directed o different offices and when you get there either you are told that you should do this. It’s quite discouraging for a person that is really starting up.”

“There was a time where I wanted to run my business in a container. I was told that I should go to the municipality to register or apply for land. We are really trying our level best to do something but when you go there to ask for help you get discouraged,” she says.

At the same time, Sakeus says, exorbitant rentals are eating into small businesses most of which often are under-budgeted and its such topics that her event seeks to address.

“They can just look at how much we are striving to do better and should just give us a space somewhere somehow. We have families looking up at us and at the end of the day you give everything to rent and start from scratch,” she says.

Raised in the north, Sakeus defines herself as another “ordinary girl” and has grasped the ABCs of how to be self-sustainable even in unfriendly economic and financial territories.

With unemployment on the high and most companies shedding off their labour to stay afloat, the need to nature entrepreneurs has never been so paramount.

“As a child I was a loner but liked sketching so much,” she says painting a picture of how from the precincts of the College of the Arts she fell in love with fashion designing.

She went official in 2016 with her company, Tai Exclusive Fashion as an independent business woman in what she called, “a leap of faith” and had to canvass savings from where she used to work before. 

Meanwhile, doors will open at 5pm on the 30th of June.