Namibia business start-up festival roars to life today

The Namibia start-up festival, one of the most interesting chapters in the Namibian business calendar, will kick-off today the City of Windhoek yard with an opening address by managing director of the Switzerland headquartered African Innovation Foundation and Innovation Prize Africa, Pauline Koelbl.

One Economy Foundation representative from the office of the first lady, Uajo Akwenye will touch on supporting local start-ups to scale while USA based Alex Zavatone will present on demystifying the App-What you need to know and how to grow.

Namibia’s prominent comedian Slick The Dick will lighten up the festival with topics like What is an angel investor and what do we do to take ideas to the next level by Austrian Business Angel Association making up part of the business interactive affair.

Speaking with The Villager lately, University of Namibia Business School’s Professor Graffon Whyte said it will be all about creating connections and will as well as come up with an agenda for action on how to make the environment conducive for business.

“The festival will kick-off with the Entrepreneurship Symposium on 28 June 2018, which focuses on creating an agenda for action among stakeholder partners by identifying the most important activities that will create an energizing environment in which entrepreneurs can get started, survive the formative stage, grow and mature into successful businesses that are creating employment in Namibia,” said organisers

The vision of the Start-up festival is to celebrate fresh ideas and the courageous founders who realize them; promote businesses that care and make a difference, big or small, through exhibitions; fostering sustainable partnerships and development; prosperity for a better planet and happier people through impact driven and responsible business.

International, regional and local speakers will share their experiences and investors will scout for new ventures to invest at the pitching event on the last day of the festival.

The Festival offers a spectacular programme with parallel workshops, panel discussions, exhibitions and a lot of time to meet new business partners, reach new heights with start-up finances and take their businesses to the next level.