Sheriff sues Job Amupanda for “racial slander” over a video report

A power outage video report in Windhoek has sparked a racial storm between crime fighting Namibia Marshall Rangers’ Sheriff Sean Naude and political activist Job Amupanda with the former opening a case of racial slander against the latter.

So bitter has been the social media outburst between the two that it divided them along racial lines, the sheriff defending Whites and the Black elite with Amupanda defending the poor people from high density areas. 

Sheriff Naude reprimanded Amupanda for allegedly taking his statement that the power outage had affected Windhoek’s “serious areas” out of context and forwarding his political agenda. 

Amupanda had found offense with the phrase “serious areas” as to mean elite suburbs which to him was a disrespect to the poor of the country who equally were affected by the electricity problem.

Speaking to The Villager, Amupanda brushed the Sheriff off as an “insignificant guy”.

“Even just to respond, for us to have a discussion, to respond to him, it’s a waste of your time as a journalist, my time and resources of the newspaper,” he scoffed. 

Pressed to expound on why he got affected by the Sheriff’s report, he said, “In fact the municipality of Windhoek and the Black elite are the ones who have given these people arrogance.”

“The potholes in those so called serious areas are repaired within seconds even in the middle of the night but our people continue to suffer. That’s how arrogant they are. Can you even imagine a person saying serious areas were affected, do you see how he was referring to those people who were working there (where the electricity had been affected). Now these poor people are forced to work, can you imagine that?”

Speaking to The Villager, the Sheriff said what he meant by the statement were areas of economic siginificance like Prosperita, the University of Namibia and all businesses.

He said Amupanda misquoted this to launch an attack against “all Whites” as well as “the Black elite”.

“I private messaged him and said listen my friend, you misinterpreted my message and used it for your political agenda. You publicly humiliated me and insulted me then you threatened the nation by saying “you guys are gonna nya!” because he’s gonna take over.”

“And he’s supposed to be a leader. He’s supposed to be a man who’s supposed to create equality. Now I am a man who’s been fighting against racism my whole life and I have written songs to unite the nation. We have a problem with land and stuff but you must understand you can not blame it all on the Whites,” he said.

The Sheriff told this publication that the fact that 28 years after independence, Okuryangava, Havana do not have running water, ablutions and electricity is not a Whiteman’s fault but that of government.

He said, “We the Whites came to a barren land and developed it. They came to a developed land and they are destroying it. The problem lies by greed and poor leadership, nothing to do with racial color.”

He said he wanted Amupanda to retract his statement (from social media) and apologise after which he opened a case for defamation of character and slander. 

Amupanda has had none of it reiterating with this publication that: “They must enjoy those things. We will take over the municipality and one of the first things that we are going to revoke are those benefits that they are having there, in the so called serious areas."

“We are saying look crime is crime, it affects everyone but we are not responding to the guy because he is insignificant, but we are responding to White Supremacy and White Arrogance. The poor people continue to be harassed on a daily basis.”

He has questioned why the Sheriff released another video of clarification if he had been racially discriminated in the first place.

The storm between the two played out on social media where according to Amupanda, “the youth educated him on the history of this country and race relations.”

However according to the Sheriff, “His own followers are saying Job what are you doing? What kind of leadership is this? What kind of a leader attacks somebody and uses their name on social media to discriminate against White people and the Black elites. I am standing up for every single White Namibian and so called Black elites that he insulted on social media.”