Archers prepare for World Field Archery Championship

The Windhoek Field Archery Club is in full swing with preparations to host a warm-up competition that will sharpen archers that will part-take in the World Field Archery Championships in South Africa slated for October.

President of the Archery Association of Namibia, Heidi Reddig is positive that this competition will test the abilities of the archers and get them ready in time for the big show.

“This is only a club competition but it is a great opportunity for the archers to even better their skill and see where they can improve in terms of shooting abilities. Archery requires skill and determination to be in the top shooters. So it is needed to use every opportunity they get as preparations for bigger events,” Reddig said. 

Redding said that most of the participants are expected to be adults and young adults, but that there will be different sets of rounds to be shot on that day.

“About ten archers are expected to take part, there could be more adults joining as some just have to confirm work priorities for Saturday. So only one veteran; two young adults; five adults; and two juniors have confirmed that they will definitely be part of the competition,” she said. 

She added that archers will also shoot a field round of 28 butts and it will take them more than four hours to complete.